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CROSSFIT CF-L1, CF-L2, CF Gymnastics, CF Aerobic Capacity Precision Nutrition Level 1 CPR/AED (OWNER/HEAD TRAINER)

Hello, I am Aaron Conklin owner, head coach, but most importantly, I am a fellow athlete! I spent 24 years on Active Duty Navy. My largest achievement in the Navy was making the rank of E-9, Master Chief Petty Officer. I walked into CrossFit Fort Vancouver in Feb 2012 and never looked back. The Exagora means redemption, and I am redeeming my days back through fitness and wellness. As I was the first athlete I had to coach in CrossFit I know what it is like to reverse years of unhealthy living. I want to do that for you. This is for anyone, after a hip replacement and one on the way I still CrossFit everyday. I started CrossFit Exagora not to grow a business, but to grow a community that is helping make better human beings through fitness and wellness. I challenge you to redeem your days back, gain your youth back and be part of the fastest growing fitness methodology on the planet.

Ryann Schultz CF=L1


Ryann’s commitment to fitness began with a simple goal, to feel better. Like so many others she’d grown tired of being tired, both in body and soul. A gymnast since the age of four, Ryann was always active, but it wasn’t until she began solo hiking that the quest for her healthiest life began.  She is currently at work on her Winter 46. Ryann hails from Syracuse, spending her formative years competing in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and horseback riding. Born to an active family, she spent most of her childhood in a gym while her father coached varsity basketball. Impassioned at an early age to teach others, her first ever job was coaching young gymnasts.

Ryann’s introduction to Crossfit wasn’t a graceful one (ask her how one gets a free t-shirt), but the sport’s challenging fusion of high-intensity weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio had her immediately hooked.  on. She believes every day is an opportunity to better oneself and finds true happiness in helping athletes on their journey.

Ben Salloum


. When I was in high school I played sports until my senior year and then was not physically active for three years. I would always say I was in decent shape but I was not. I had poor eating habits and was not working out, which led me to a huge weight gain. In 2015 I was introduced to CrossFit by my uncle who is a marine. I quickly learned I let myself go but I fell in love with CrossFitand how it can be personalized in order to help anyone where ever their starting point is. I now work at a health food store, Natural Health Center in Rome. Trying to learn anything and everything l can about proper eating habits and exercise to make sure that I can help you as much as possible so you can reach your personal goals and become a better you!


CROSSFIT CF-L1, CF-L2, CF Gymnastics,

Jeff White is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer who has been training CrossFit since October 2012. Fitness has always been a part of his life in one way or another- a three sport athlete in high school, as well as a collegiate athlete at both SUNY Oswego and MVCC. Jeff is a father of two, a highshcool technology teacher, loves all sports and by far our best and most competitive athlete.  Jeff heads up our competition training on Sundays and set the example to follow.

Nancy Mazur CF-L1, CF-L2, CF Gymnastics, CF Aerobic Capacity, CF- Weightlifting

CF-L1 CF-L2 CFG, CFKB, Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor CF Aerobic Capacity

Nancy is our most certified coach.  Ranging from multiple CrossFit certifications as well as her personal training and Yoga certification. She runs our yoga classes and also assist with anyone that wants nutrition coaching.  She is a master CrossFit athlete and represents our over 50 group.  She is retired NY State Trooper, and avid local Comets Hockey fan, enjoys all types of fitness from CrossFit, yoga, swimming, trail running and more)

Toby Lindfield CF-L1, CrossFit for Kids

CF-L1 , CrossFit for Kids


Toby is our newest coach with huge aspirations to help others. He has a long history of coaching sports and in particular our youth sports programs. He is on a quest to improve your life and your wellness. He will be heading up our CrossFit for kids course in the near future. On his part time he is active in his community, sports, hunting, camping, being a father/husband and friend to all.  He is our community motivator by far.

Raisa Hunt -CL-L1, CF Aerobic Capacity

CF-L1, CF Aerobic Capacity


Raisa Hunt is our very own grass roots athlete to coach.  She currently hold her CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Scaling, CrossFit spot the flaw and CrossFit Judges certifications.  She is responsible for the lions share of the 1 on 1 10 hour fundamentals course and on boarding our newest members.  She is one of top female athletes, loves puppies and cats, and cheese cake.

Kristin Brown CF-L1


Kristin Brown is our newest coach but our longest standing athlete. She was our first member and by far an extremely talented addition to our staff. She holds here CF-L1, and extensive background in sports as high as the collegiate level.  She is a Human Resource manager for MVHS,  a dog mother of two wonderful huskies, an avid softball player.  She is a motivator for all our female and male athlete to emulate. She currently coaches our Exagora Teen Fitness program as well as some of our CFE 60 CrossFit classes.


Cordell Wattley CF-L1, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity

CF-L1 , Aerobic Capacity

Cordell is an up and coming young leader, career oriented manager and CrossFit coach.  He is currently a Regional Saftey manager for Wal-Mart, a graduate of SUNY IT, seeking to further his CrossFit portfolio.  He currently coaches our Exagora Teen fitness, fundamentals with new members, our CFE 60 CrossFit classes.  He is one of our biggest motivators, always brightens up the room with his smile. Has a brand new puppy and is a loving family man.

Pete Schachtler


CF-L1 trainer since April 2018. Licensed massage therapist since December 2017. I love being able to transfer my knowledge of the body and movement mechanics onto our members. Motocross had consumed my life from the ages of 5-23. Climbing the ranks year by year, reaching the semi-professional class at the age of 16. Injuries would eventually slow me down and end my racing career, that’s when I found CrossFit. Being an athlete my entire life, CrossFit feels like home to me. Seeing the physical and mental growth in our members is the best part of being a coach here at CrossFit Exagora.

Lucas Lagoy CF-L1


Lucas has always had a love of the outdoors. In 2016 he decided to put that love to action, testing his limits for almost 1000 miles on the Appalachian trail. Getting home from this trip led him to Crossfit, looking for community and camaraderie. After 2 years of being an athlete, Luke became a CF-L1 with intent to help as many as possible through a fitness lifestyle.  He now has assumed a roll as a leading coach at CrossFit Exagora.