5994 Judd Road Oriskany, NY 13424 P: (901) 826-5613

Basic Fundamentals = FIRST SESSION IS FREE

 No matter your background or fitness level you can get started with our 1 on 1 fundamentals.  With each session, you’ll receive thorough one-on-one coaching and valuable feedback while learning the fundamental movements of CrossFit.  It is 12 session classes  (3x per week for 4 weeks) recommended. We acclimate you slowly to the process and our community.  CrossFit Program Rates: No contracts at all,  these are month by month memberships.

I  have been coaching fitness for several years now and know all new athletes must meet with a coach prior to starting. We will discuss your background, body composition, goals and concerns.  Then we conduct a free 1 on 1 assessment of your movement. The one on one we will also discuss rest, hydration, nutrition and the way forward 

After that we conduct continuing 1 on 1 personal training sessions with just you and the coach. This prepares you for entering group classes, ensures your safety, confidence and ability are present. 

The number of 1 on 1 sessions is decided by you, the coach and the head coach/owner based on how you move, the understanding of the movements, your ability to be safe and to enter group classes. 


Types of memberships

Unlimited Days $125

12 Days a month $105

3 month unlimited membership $320

6 month membership  (best package) $680 

Annual  $1320

Lifetime $2500

Yoga $10 a session for all non unlimited members 


We have a 10 day pass for Law Enforcement email for details

 All Payments are made with a credit card/debit card or bank information on file in our secure WODIFY system.   All discontinued memberships must be done 30 days in advance in email or written form.

15% Military
10% Additional Family members
10% discount for the following
• Police
• Fire
• Nurses/College Students