5241 Judd Rd, Whitesboro, NY 13492 P: (901) 826-5613

Basic Fundamentals = FIRST SESSION IS FREE

 No matter your background or fitness level you can get started with our 1 on 1 fundamentals.  With each session, you’ll receive thorough one-on-one coaching and valuable feedback while learning the fundamental movements of CrossFit.  It is 10 sessions  (3x per week for 4 weeks) recommended. We acclimate you slowly to the process and our community.  CrossFit Program Rates: No contracts at all,  these are month by month memberships.

The number of 1 on 1 sessions is decided by you, the coach and the head coach/owner based on how you move, the understanding of the movements, your ability to be safe and to enter group classes. 

We run several types of classes 

CFE 60 – CrossFit 60 minutes, warm up, strength or skill, work out of the day, extra work

CFE 30 – 30 minute work outs no barbells 

CFE M – Mobility work outs 45 minutes in duration this is yoga for our type of fitness

CFE E – Endurance training to increase your ability to go faster over long distance this is great for OCR training and increasing your aerobic and anaerobic  capacity

CFE- K – This is functional fitness for kids.  Great on the off season for sports, increases cognitive ability as well as strength speed and agility.  Great start point for competitive fitness for youth 


Types of memberships

Unlimited Access $125 (best package)  Includes All things CrossFit, use of fitness center, track, locker rooms and CrossFit open gym times. 

CFE – 60, CFE – 30, CFE- M, CFE E , Unlimited Body Composition Readings, Unlimited Open Gym, Unlimited Nutrition Coaching,  15% discount on supplements

6 month membership   $700 

Annual  $1400

Drop in fee $20 must have previous fitness experience 

Exagora Teen Fitness  – Unlimited (20 classes) $75 8 times a month $55  

Click her for Exagor Teen Fitness 

Mobility  $10 a session for all non unlimited members 


We have a 10 day pass for Law Enforcement email for details

 All Payments are made with a credit card/debit card or bank information on file in our secure WODIFY system.   All discontinued memberships must be done 30 days in advance in email or written form.

Military/Law Enforcement/Doctor/Nurse/First responded Unlimited $125