How do I come back from falling off the wellness routine

 I get asked all the time how do I come back from falling off the wagon with nutrition and fitness. Your stuck. You look in mirror and go oh no I did it again.  You feel worse. You know you need to get back on track but can’t or don’t know how.

    How do I get started? Is it going to suck? I feel defeated and embarrassed. I can’t go in and start all over again. Or can I?

    I have been there and been there more recent than you think.  It occurred to me during the transition to the new facility that wow I have really let myself go.  I pride myself in practicing what I preach.  I take responsibility for what I eat, how I exercise and they way I live my life.   I jumped on the old in body and it welled at me.  I was embarrassed and felt like I am a hypocrite. I felt like oh well I am 45 it happens.

    Life happens to us all even a fitness facility owner has a bad spell.  Between bad hips, moving the gym, keeping program going, adding new members, being at the facility morning noon and night, putting on Murph, three fundraisers, new programs, new fitness center. Let’s not forget family events, kids, vacation, summer starting and numerous other obligations I stopped being consistent with working out, eating well, and taking time for me.

    I decided three months ago this is only 1 chapter in a very long book.  I buckled down sucked up my pride and started small.  I picked one thing that was not good in my life and got rid of it, forever!   Just one small thing. That one small thing led to another and then I forced myself to ensure I worked out 3 days a week doing something.  Before I knew it changes happened, body fat was down, and allowed me to try some new approaches to my fitness and nutrition. I can now say after three months I am  better off than I was about a year ago.  It all started with one small thing. 1 vary small change that worked.

     I don’t care if you have been away and not exercising or eating well for 1 week, 1 month, or 1-2 years. You can get back on track.  I recommend you get an accountability partner or come back and let us be your accountability coach. You (me included) need to be held accountable by someone of something. 

     Start small with doing something to improve your wellness.  Stop having as many sugar drinks a week. Stop eating out 1-2 days a week, make your own meal and save some money.  Throw out that one tasty treat you like and stick with it and just that until it is permanent. Come back to the gym and walk the track for an hour. Something to move in the right direction and give you positive motivation to keep going.  Stop fried foods, or hanging around party people. Just one item, one atmosphere or trigger to stop doing those negative acts toward your wellness.  YOU CAN DO IT!

     You’re not alone I shared my story with you so you know that.  I have all the compassion and empathy for you and know you can make that one small change to get back on track. 

     I am starting today and not going to have anymore weeks where I let time slip by without being active 1 hour a day.  I am holding myself to that because I know your going to hold me to it.  I also am going to make sure every day that I consume at least 1 cup of fruit (small steps). Are you with me.  Are you ready to come back.  I know you are. 

What action are you taking to make a change to your nutrition and fitness life goals?  Its time for you to take actions now.