I have weaknesses too

After a discussion with my wife Samantha and reading my daily self help books, (bible, daily stoic, Discipline equals freedom field manual and Masfield’s Book of Manly men if you wanted to know) I came to a conclusion. They are right.

Samantha proposed the question, “do you think our members find it easy to come talk to you” I answered no. She is right to ask me that question. It made me think. Those of you that have sat down with me understand my compassion has no end, those that have not I come off direct , stern, never willing to compromise, and mean. I can see that from the other side of the lens. My daily reads backed this up by showing me I have weakness as well.

What am i getting at. I have all those same weakness as you and probably in some cases worse. See I am no different than you. I struggle with all those same life issues and daily events that you all go through. Yes I want the pizza, bread, wraps, fair food, buns burgers and booze. Yes I struggle with anxiety, stress disorder, zero tolerance for crowded space, hyper vigilance, highly critical of self, emotions, lack of desire to work out and to self educate (read and study daily) , so on and so on. I have fallen down, I do cave and slip up.

What might be, and I say might be, the difference is between what you see of me and what you see of you is. I will not accept that for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not accept that’s who I am meant to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I use this weakness as a strength. I take that weakness and use it to be driven, to fight, to scrap, to get backup, to get the work in. I turn it to my advantage by not accepting that’s all I ever will be. I refuse to take a knee on things I can control.

Its not easy, its down right hard some days. Never ever settle for those weaknesses. You can over come them. Use whatever your weakness is as a motivator and cause to fight back and win the battle. You can do it. Its not easy for me nor will it be for you. Understand your not alone, we all go through it together. Your not different or special or a lost cause. Far from it. You can beat these self generated weaknesses with self generated strengths.

Be strong and TOGETHER lets get up every day and fight back.

Aaron Conklin