My CrossFit open journey and why you can do it

As we approach the CrossFit Games Open I have excitement and trepidation all in one. Here is my Open journey.

In 2013 I was 2 months into CrossFit. This young kid about 25 came up to me on a Thursday night and said and I “ Dude the games are here bro, the games are here” in a yelling overly aggressive way. At first I was like this guy has issues. I had know idea what the hell he was talking about.

So that evening I stuck around and watched the live announcement. I watched 50-60 people (15 games athletes) go bananas about the announcement. High fives, pumping each other up. Then I came in the following Saturday and watch it unfold. Instantly I regretted not registering for it. The energy, excitement, community and fun. The next Monday I showed up for the WOD with my wife and I got partnered with a young man from the school for the deaf. I was his judge while he completed the WOD. He had some in-balances, trouble understand the flow of the WOD and not very athletic. He crushed it and he crushed me. It was then my ego was checked out, no longer to be found. Not because he was deaf and impaired but because I saw there was no place for ego. No place for my perception of what I thought I was and should be. This young man smiled the whole way through and gave me a hug after and I was glad to be his partner. He showed me what the Open is all about with zero words.

The following year I signed up, participated and loved it. I got clobbered but who cares. I dropped 95LB bar on my head during over head squats who cares, got punished by the rower who cares , thrusters and burpees found my soul, who cares. Every time I did the WODs I looked around and had 200 people cheering me on, a DJ pumping the music, people drinking beer at 10 am after the work out, food, and fun.

Each and every subsequent year I have done the open. I do it Rx out of pure desire to test myself. I have contemplated going scaled the last three years after my hip replacement and another on the way. Its ok to go scaled at the open, the only reason I wont is that I want to continue to see what my capabilities are. Not in comparison to you, but in comparison to me and where I am at in my life of 45 years old.

The last two years were rough very rough, I was under trained, lacked strength in the hip. My scores did not matter ( I even forgot to validate one of my own last year) WHO CARES. I enjoy watching our community members get the first muscle up or pull up, first double under after working on them for 7 minutes straight, our young kids compete with us and steel the spotlight, I love to share these moments with you and build our culture.

My journey through 7 opens has been fabulous, it tested me psychically and mentally, it challenge me as a coach and programmer. It has made me realize the most important aspect of what I do everyday is provide an opportunity for all you to have your own journey and to explore what you are capable of.

I do the open not for me, but because of you. It all started by watching a community and it continued because of community and still does. I love that we can come in and do the work outs and show massive support for one another because we share the common bond of the journey.

Share this journey with me.



Aaron Conklin