Next 12 week of work

Over the next 12 weeks we will shift our focus on three things.

  1. Establishing 1 RM on major lifts, back squat, deadlift, clean and snatch

  2. Skill work for all movements that we may see in the ope

  3. Testing 3 bench mark Open workouts a week between now and 10 October

The focus from September until the open starts is about improving your skills. At this point to greatly improve strength and your ability to complete work of different time domains will only improve slightly in that amount of time. I want to focus on those nagging skill movements that you really want for the open IE. Double Unders, pull ups chest to bar pulls ups, toes to bar, OHS, wallballs efficiency, dumbbell work, and handstand holds, push ups and walks.

You will see changes to programming where I will give you the stimulus I want you to achieve. Some days will have a measure (the score) and allot of the days will not. The expectation is for you to improve you! Not for you to improve in comparison to someone else.

Logging your scores on days I have the measure in there is important so please do so. This will be weights and bench mark Open WODs from years past. The other workouts will be percentage based and skills based, improve your skills and nail the lifts hitting YOUR prescribed weights.

Thursdays during the open we will be working on GOATS, these are movements you want to improve on. This will be ever Thursday from Oct 10 until the open is complete.

Speaking of the CrossFit Games open It is my hope that we have 100% of everyone participate in it.

What is it ? The worlds largest participatory sporting event in fitness. You register for the Open ($20 to CrossFit HQ) Then over 5 weeks we complete 5 different work outs as an individual. You get to see how you stack up by gender, age, career, location, Rx Scaled or just to participate. Open to all age groups.

I will put you on a team and we work as a team to gain points. Points are not just earned and rarely earned for your scores, Rx and Scaled. Points will be for participation, team spirit, most improved, the spirit of the open, or what ever weird comrade stuff I come up with (years past it was team snow burpees) After we complete the WODs for everyone on Friday we meet up somewhere to celebrate the weeks success.

We as a community will do the open on Friday afternoon into the evening. Make up will be Saturday morning and Mondays. The are no redo, no other make up days, no offsite workouts. I have to be present for all workouts that I have to validate so those are the days we will complete the WODs.

During the other days during the open we will go hard on Monday, Tuesday, lighter on Wed and GOAT day Thursday ( could be a great rest day) Open on Friday regular team WODs and make ups on Saturdays.

If your not doing the open I do not program them for regular class. I will have regular programming during the open on all days that the masses are completing the open workouts.

After the open workouts we will move into another 8 week cycle to get heavy on the barbell and 1 RM lifts until the new year.

So in Recap its my favorite time of the year where we train for the open. Lets get some 1 RM in over the next two weeks and really work hard to improve skills so you can be the absolute best you want to be for our community fitness test.

Aaron Conklin