Pyramid of wellness

AS you can see the foundation of fitness starts with nutrition. CrossFit has a misnomer that its all about weightlifting in crazy workouts. That could not be father from the truth. We start anyone and everyone on nutrition fundamentals first. As you can see the last and smallest piece of this is sport. While sport is fun and has its place to test fitness it is the farthest from the baseline by design.

We must build a strong sustainable foundation of nutrition in order to fuel ourselves appropriately for exercise, but not to support body fat gain.

Dont go at nutrition alone. There is allot of misleading information out there that can harm you or wont work. Everyone serious about their wellness needs a professional coach. We have just that here at CrossFit Exagoara and Accelerate sports and fitness.

Think of it this way. You invest in you via savings, health care, spiritual investments, financial investments, relationship investments

Non of that matters unless you invest in yourself first. So come see me and start investing into your life long wellness bank account.

Aaron Conklin