Self Accountability

As I read the daily stoic today’s message is about self accountability from Epictetus.

Often what I here or see is the pointing of the finger for our shortcomings.

My job, my kids schedule, no time, I do not know how, to tired, my boss did it, I had no kitchen, the weather sucks, my father raised me wrong, my mother was mean, my school teachers hated me, society is the problem, the store only sells bad food. As you can see I can go on on on on, and people do.

Listen close STOP BLAMING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

The power of choice is yours always is always will be. How does that apply to our fitness and wellness. Simple.

Its a matter of positive choices, a desire to be better, and the recognizing that you hold the power of accountability. Things like just get to the gym after that who cares I made,

Its been three hours i must and will eat, not my boss wont let me (thats BS)

One more rep, not I cant

Keep moving, not its to hot

Eat the crunchy cucumber and fresh tomato, not the chips

I need my morning pancake french toast, muffin, no you want them and choose that because its easy.

I hate Olympic lifting I wont go today, instead I will get better its not the weight or lift its me.

I work three 12 hour shifts I have no energy to work out or eat right my job sucks. That is blaming the man and you need to pay the man, YOU!. Knock out 20 squats, sit ups an push ups, eat some fruit that takes 3 min.

Today just try and go the whole day without blaming anything but yourself. If one day is to long try half a day, an hour, start small if you need to, but damn it take ownership of your choices. You take ownership of your successes but why not everything in your life.

Society did not make you overweight, you made poor choices

Your boss did not deny you the job promotion you just need to stand out more

I do not have time, yes you do you just choose to do other things with your time

I do not know how, what I load of crap you can google anything you can google how to go to make a rocket my gosh you can google how to boil an egg in water.

Eating good is so hard, no you are not taking ownership for being weak minded and eating crap

I am a mental mess I hear all the time, well why. I here my ex, my job, my weight, kids are stressing me out. So people make a reactionary choice to eat poor, drink excessive and not make it to the gym. That my friends is a choice and you are blaming everything but you! The reality is you made that choice and wont hold you accountable.

So today, start small turn the finger around and hold you accountable for all things you deem not right in your life. Stop playing the blame game turn it around for you.

THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Conklin