Today I want to share what I heard on a podcast and relate it to your wellness transformation.

If you think about the picture of the caterpillar. It views its self as this glorified worm. In of itself not to glorifying. It is stuck to crawling, inching along through life, not much exciting and just trying to get through the day, the week the year. Avoiding being stepped on, killed, injured, looking for a better life.

Then one day it finds itself upside down, in a cocoon in the dark.. Alone, at a loss, wondering why am I going through this. Then one day the dark becomes light the caterpillar bust out of its cocoon and has sprouted wings, the ability to fly above everything it has ever known and did not know. The caterpillar transformed itself form the depths of a dark, lonely, meaningless (in its mind) existence.

Folks this is us. We go through life letting our circumstances hold us down. We inch along getting by, working our tail of, just existing trying not to get stepped on. Just when you see no way out, when things get dark, the world has closed in on you. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have a choice to transform from inching along to flying above it all. You have the choice to make change and transform yourself to something better, more meaningful, the true inter and outer self that you are designed to be.

Take control of your life. Exercise daily, eat real food, grow your wings (mind, body, health) . Ensure that you dont give up the fight on your life and wellness.

So today if you find yourself stuck, in the dark, inching along. Take control of your life and transform yourself. I have done it, many have done it. YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT.

Aaron Conklin