Why you need a nutrition coach

This is why everyone needs a nutrition coach for accountability. When we open up our wellness center we will be hosting a wellness challenge and everyone that participates will get an accountability partner.

Ok so we all added to the list yesterday myself included. Take a look at what the weekend can do. Here is the list if you can not see it.

pizza, wings , beer cheese, tomato pie, Ice cream, cinnamon buns milkshakes, mac and cheese, Doritos, bread, birthday cakes, Snickers, pasta, IPA Desserts, Cream pie, ice cream bars, booze, wine, truly, white claw, tots, sugar can, sugar, rice, waffles Chinese graham crackers, FRIED ICE CREAM (REALLY) General Tso pizza (is that a thing now) vodka, saturated fat Reese's, Klondike bars, soda, biscuits and gravy banana cream pie beef hash, rolls, bread, wraps, and so on and so on.

Consider this then you work your tail off all week to reduce the total caloric intake. CICO (Calories in Calories out) well keep it that simple here is why that wont work under this type of undisciplined eating

Work weeks can be stressful and when Friday night rolls around, people put their guard down and let loose.

Here’s how it goes: Let’s say a person is eating 1,500 calories a day on weekdays, which would give them an approximate 500-calorie deficit.

But on the weekends, they deviate from their plan just a little.

  • Drinks with friends and a few slices of late night pizza on Friday

  • An extra big lunch after their workout on Saturday

  • Brunch on Sunday (“Hey, it’s breakfast and lunch, so I can eat double!)

The final tally: An extra 4,000 calories consumed between Friday night and Sunday afternoon. They’ve effectively canceled out their deficit, bumping their average daily calories to 2,071.

Now i heard it all yesterday, its summer, its Pete's wedding, I had a bad day (BS), it was hot, I was thirsty, there was nothing else (BS) lol.

You get my point. Why work so hard all week long to take 5 steps backwards on it all. Eventually CICO (Calories in calories out) will not work and frankly doesn't work that well because of too many other variables.

Aaron Conklin