FAQ for Members


Uncovering the Potential in Every Athelete

  1. Communicate to your coaches how you need to scale to accommodate any injuries or issues.

  2. Be prepared! Know your numbers, weights, 1 rep maximum and percentage.  Help the coach help you. The less time they need to spend calculating numbers, the more time they can devote to coaching you and your fellow athletes.

  3. Focus. Leave the gossip hour for gossip hour. Chatting with fellow classmates can be distracting for your coaches and fellow members.

  4. Listen to your coach. This is YOUR workout. Don’t watch what others are doing and compare yourself. Work with your coach to correctly modify the workout for you.

  5. Be encouraging! Cheer on and motivate other members while they are finishing up. There was a time you finished last, so be a humble cheerleader!  

  6. Be Welcoming! If you see a new member introduce yourself, help them out.  If other members seem lost or confused help them out and tell the coach.

  7. Be on Time as Much as Possible: Sign up for class 1 hour prior or up to 96 hours in advance. Sign up for the entire week if you can.

  8. Bring a towel. If you use our paper towels and or bathroom products pick it up off the floor and throw it out in any of our 5 garbage cans. Wipe down your equipment and the floor where you trained.

  9. Use the chalk but be an adult about it! Please use what you need over the bucket, attempt to not get it all over the floor.

  10. ALWAYS Train Smart. Don’t work out injured, communicate to your coach. Your safety is our NUMBER ONE priority.

The only problems we can’t solve are the ones we don’t know about.

Please take advantage of our open door policy, and provide us feedback any time. This is how we get better and provide an optimal experience for you and everyone else!