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I am stronger than I was yesterday, but not as strong as I will be tomorrow!


CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is classified as constantly varied fitness characterized by safe, effective exercise movements paired with consistent nutrition, optimal sleep and ideal hydration in order to produce the best and healthiest version of you!

CrossFit is for everyone- all age groups, demographics, and walks of life. From improved overall health, to weight loss, to increased performance and strength, CrossFit can act as a premier catalyst in achieving any health or wellness related goals.

The best thing about our CrossFit program is that it can be scaled to suit the needs, mental disciplines, and training styles of EVERY individual member who enters our gym. Each workout can be scaled up or down, to lower or increase the intensity to cater to members just starting out, members with previous injuries, or members who have been training with us for years!

If you are looking for a way achieve optimal results, to be part of a community of fitness and wellness, and undergo the most fun and exciting fitness experience you ever had, then look NO further!  Come join our CrossFit classes!


CFE 60 – CrossFit:

60-minute classes consisting of a warmup, strength or skill, work out of the day, accessory work or stability and mobility .


CFE BE – Body Evolution (boot camp):

45-minute workouts with no barbells. 

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45-minute Mobility/Yoga workouts.


Exagora Teen Fitness

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Based on the principle of Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity, we emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent adherence to the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

Exagora Teen Fitness is B-I-G fun for all ages. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children. Further, the needs of second graders and high-school varsity wrestlers differ by degree and not kind; the program is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for the varied maturation status one can find in a class full of kids.

Exagora Teen Fitness is designed to be minimalist; it is inexpensive and often requires little or no equipment, allowing a wide array of socioeconomic groups an opportunity to be physically fit and physically active throughout their lives.

We will hold classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 630 pm Saturday at 10am. The cost for Unlimited 20 days a month is $75 and for 8 days a month is $55.  Members will need to come in cloths to exercise, a bottle for water. 

This amazing program is for people ages 8-18.   We will consider younger ages at the discretion of the coach on a case by case basis, or offer them an alternative program for that age group.


Sounds fun, right? Let’s get started!


“Aaron is a caring, knowledgeable coach who has built a fantastic community of motivated athletes!”